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Customer Feedback Post Pandemic

            As you know, the global pandemic has been extremely rough on most businesses in the US over the last 2 years.  The global pandemic crippled many industries and created shortages and lengthy supply-chain delays for almost every commodity including paper…used for manufacturing the envelopes and letters we mail and for printing our fine manuscripts.

            Additionally, with most Americans locked down, working and shopping from home, an unprecedented demand was put upon the trucking and shipping industry including the United States Postal Service.  We found that over the last two years, postal deliveries went from 98% confirmed deliveries in a timely manner to under 70%.  That means many correspondences, confirmation letters and even our manuscripts unfortunately may not have reached our readers.

            So we reached out to our customers to see how they are doing and how they are feeling about our business, our books, our values delivered during this rough period.  For over fifty years prior to the pandemic, the Neothink® Society provided its fine manuscripts to very satisfied customers.  Now, we asked our customers how they felt about the Neothink® Society and our manuscripts during the pandemic rough period.  Here us what they said:

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  1. For the most part I believe I wasn’t affected much, althouvh there must have been 1 publication that I never received. I only ” know” this because of something Mark Hamilton wrote to me in a special communique to me that he sent in a letter. To the best of my remembrance I had Never even heard of that teaching or or phenomenom! So apparently, I must have missed 1 or more of the letters or possibly a Manuscript, which is, I think/ assume, leaving a potential hole in my understanding.(?] Also at present, I am having a horrible time of tryimg to get into the Mat……(which was supposed to be “simple”.Im not the greatest with some technology, but this is giving me a headache, as well as extreme frustratiom. I Want and NEED the info on the other side..especially if it is as hreat as Mark says it is! Please HELP !!! I S
    Am Stuck..and I Hate that feeling & reality. Sincerely, Loretta Ro.

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